LinkedIn simply forgets your content

04.06.2024 16:37
One minute read
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A few days ago I wrote about how “excited” I was about the BlueSky export format because I wanted to fill my social page.

Today I wanted to do that with LinkedIn. I had to wait almost 24 hours for my 207 kB export. You have to build such slow systems first.

The wait was really worth it (not!) because in the end I somehow only wrote five real posts. However, I could only take over 4 of them because the fifth one is simply gone. GONE!

It’s still in the CSV, even with a URL. If you visit this URL, it says that the post cannot be displayed:

I would therefore strongly advise you not to post anything on LinkedIn that could be important to you one day. Probably another case of: Well, software problem. Can’t do anything against it!

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