Slim Down Anniversary

17.03.2018 22:07
2 minutes read
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Just reached my 2 years! Two years of my slim down challenge. See here a pre-post comparison:

It was and still is a lot of work to keep this status. It’s real fun, not to be a seat heater for the couch, but to keep moving regularly. Some people would say “too regularly”.

At the beginning I was concentrating on walk as many kilometers as possible per day to force my body to burn calories. In the last months I changed my training to gain more mass again, this time not by increasing fat but growing muscles and I think that’s the better way of life 😎 With this new training I reduced my amount of cardio training, to keep the muscles. Otherwise my body would reduce these fresh grown muscles during the training, because it’s much easier for him than burning fat.

Originally I started all that crap (okay, losing weight is not crap), to reduce the chance of a new spinal disk herniation and my conclusion: I didn’t get a new one, yet. On the other hand I was able to let my lateral muscles grow. Even more than the typical body building newcomers, my trainer said.

Whatever, I’m feeling good, I lost weight (before: 113kg (249 lbs), after: 74kg (163 lbs)). At the moment I’m back to 86kg (ca. 190 lbs) because of the body building thing and I’m very happy to have all the experience now. By now I threw away my old clothes and it’s so cool to be able to buy clothes in “normal” clothing stores.

Thank you to anyone who helped and supported me. And of course a thank you to all the people, who didn’t believe in me, because I was able to prove you wrong. 🖖

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