What a week

08.07.2022 23:43
3 minutes read
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This week was really exhausting, I tell you!

Monday and Tuesday in London. Directly 23,500 steps put down on Monday, when I went with the colleague through the city.
I was a little afraid that I wouldn’t get there at all, since the news was full of airport reports that didn’t encourage me much. You should be at the airport two to two and a half hours before departure so that you get your flight in time. Well, I was through security after 9 (nine!) minutes and then got to spend a nice 3 hours at the airport. Yeah!

On the train ride from Gatwick Airport to the City of London, I noticed that the railroads there do a few things more right than we do in Germany:

  • if you’re not on the train, the staff doesn’t care at all - the train leaves because the next regional train is coming in about 15 minutes anyway.
  • the line has 4 tracks - the two outer tracks for the slower trains, which stop everywhere; the two middle tracks for the faster trains
  • on the trains, the cameras are used to generate a level indicator for every single coach

One negative point: Corona does not exist there. We got off the train in London with our masks on and a group of young men laughed at us with finger pointing.
Otherwise, the city is and remains actually quite cool, despite Brexit. You can feel the history of this remarkable city every time. I really love it!

Our appointment on Tuesday took place at a London WeWork, which is directly across the street from the London Tower. What an incredibly awesome location this is!

All in all a great trip, the city as full as ever and I have to say that I think it’s totally great that the metropolis has a congestion charge that actually does something. I have seen during the day virtually 99% only company vehicles and public transport. Only a few four-wheeled vehicles were private. German cities could learn a thing or two from this.

The rest of the week was dominated by the fact that we helped a state parliament in Germany livestream their plenary sessions. That was a lot of politics all at once. It really makes your head explode, I tell you! After that, it was also directly necessary to sleep for 11 hours at a stretch.

Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering, did I at least catch it in London? The test says no. Nice!

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